Why authoritarian regimes hate education reform

your say March 14, 2014 00:00

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Only major reform will change the current situation, and the system of education must be given priority.

The current rote system, which teaches children which “boxes to tick” and is based on remembering what they are told rather than encouraging them to be aware and think for themselves, has no place in the future of the country. Once children here are taught to question, complain, challenge and admit mistakes rather than saving face, the country will move on to join and even surpass the West. Surpass, because the West is becoming complacent and apathetic, retrogressing society as a whole, while Thais will be hungry to move on and succeed once encouraged with a different system of education. Suppression kills innovation.
Thailand manufactures and exports plenty of goods, including some hi-tech, but how much is home-designed? The rote system does not produce designers or foster meritocracy. 
The plugs and sockets used ubiquitously, for example, are home-designed but unsafe. This reflects on Thais, but totally unfairly. Given the chance and enough time, they could match any country.
Once the system of education is reformed, everything else will follow: thinking people cannot be so easily exploited, and certainly not by an infantile kleptomaniac regime operating under the guise of democracy. Had the North and Northeast been given schools instead of being abused by a self-interested man, Thailand would be a very different country now, free from hatred and internal conflict.
Thailand has great potential. Major educational reform must be the way forward for democracy, political stability and a future of innovation. 
JC Wilcox