Who's more stupid: Yingluck, Google or us?

your say April 27, 2014 00:00

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The decision of the Constitutional Court to allow Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra two weeks to collect more data and present them to the court in defence of her order to replace then secretary-general of the National Security Council Thawil Pleansri di

Everybody expected that. As she is the prime minister, she must be given a second chance. Had the court not done that doubts would have lingered as to whether it is biased in a high-profile case of national prominence.
However, it must be remembered that it’s been almost six months since the crisis of confidence erupted. To be exact, it was in late October 2013 when Parliament approved a bill that would have whitewash the prime minister’s elder brother of all the crimes that he might or might not have committed. Suthep Thaugsuban left his MP status and became the leader of the street fighters, the so-called People’s Democra-tic Reform Committee. He has made a vow that there will be no elections in Thailand until reform occurs first. He also said that the Thaksin regime was the root cause of the problems and must be eradicated at all cost.
Since then various names have been given to the prime minister. To name just a few: “Eeh Ngoh” (so stupid), “Nang Dok Mai” (the flowered girl), and even “Nang Don Ngiew” (the girl who climbs the tree of sin).  But of all these names Eeh Ngoh stands out. For if you look in the Google search for its translation. Eeh Ngoh is synonymous with Yingluck.
But is it true that the prime minister is so stupid? After all, she has remained in office.  And she will remain there for some more months, most likely to finish at least three years in office.  If you can call the lady a stupid person, you must be out of your mind.
The other night I was watching a special programme of political analyses aired on one of the prominent TV stations that is opposed to Thaksin regime.  One of the commentators was both a senator and an astrologer. And he was asked these questions:
“Will the PM escape the negative verdicts from both the National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Constitutional Court?”
“No,” said the senator.
“Why? And what will happen?”
“Nothing.  She will pretend that they’re something she does not have to obey.  Life goes on, and she’ll be prime minister of Thailand.”
Oh, well.  You, the readers, and I may be wrong.  The prime minister is making us looking more stupid than she was painted to be. 
Prachyadavi Tavedikul