Who blockaded Gaza? Not Israel

your say August 12, 2014 01:00

Re: "Israel may have shot itself in the foot because of war", Opinion, August 11.

May I remind Slate journalist William Saletan that this round of Gaza violence, like the previous ones, was imposed on Israel by relentless rocket attacks on its civilians for months until a military response was the only way to prevent the indiscriminate attacks from Gaza. The headline suggests that Israel may have initiated this war. Not so, sir.
The article goes on to make a common mistake regarding Israeli restrictions on goods allowed into Gaza, which the media calls “a blockade” (an interesting term considering that almost all goods are allowed in, except for weapons and certain building materials), by ignoring the Egyptian blockade of Gaza. Egypt’s is in fact a real blockade: nothing and nobody can go in or out.
Why isn’t Mr Saletan making the same demands of Egypt as the world does of Israel? 
Andy Leitner