When were the anti-govt protesters ever non-violent?

your say March 28, 2014 00:00

Re" PDRC cannot turn the cheek to lethal violence", Letters, March 25.

Isn’t it interesting how the defenders of the anti-government protesters keep changing their story? First we have JC Wilcox, who consistently tells us that the protesters are non-violent and unarmed. When I prove that they are anything but, A Johnsen claims that they used to be non-violent, but this is no longer the case.
When were they ever non-violent? When they took over buildings and chased average working people out of them? When they beat up a journalist? When they attacked a bus full of red shirts who were not committing violence?
I challenge Mr Johnsen to tell me of any time the PDRC guards have not been armed.
I also strongly object to being called a defender of the government. I don’t like either side. But I regard the Democrats as hypocrites who, when in power, used lese majeste to throw hundreds of political opponents in jail and are now trying to win in the streets what they can’t win at the ballot box.
While I have written many letters criticising Yingluck, I have yet to read a single critical word about the protesters from Mr Wilcox or Mr Johnsen. Yet Johnsen has the nerve to accuse everyone else of bias!
Eric Bahrt