Wheels of Thai history turning against democracy

your say January 09, 2014 00:00

Re: "Suthep a hypocrite? Look at the other side", Letters, January 9.

A Johnsen makes a rather lame and unconvincing case for Suthep, leader of a minority protest movement bent on toppling a democratically elected government through unconstitutional means, and in the process causing severe damage to the Thai economy and hardship for those citizens who can least afford it. As pointed out by the New York Times’ Thomas Fuller, Suthep has “himself been embroiled in a number of corruption scandals in the past”.

I emphatically reiterate, and stand by, my statement that Suthep’s crusade against corruption is merely a smokescreen and popular rallying cry against the government of the day, the real aim being the undermining of this government and assuming its power. In the process a grave injustice is being done to the majority of citizens and their civil rights. The historical process of social change cannot be stopped by any means, and the writing is clearly on the wall for all to see.

George Redelinghuys