What's good for America is not good for the world

your say May 14, 2014 00:00

Re: "Forces in Bangkok need a deal with people in Isaan", Letters, May 12.

It seems the six years that letter-writer and “former diplomat” Marc Nicholson spent in Thailand were wasted. On what grounds can he possibly claim that Thai courts are partisan? Has he actually read the rulings by which he claims the courts “launched three coups”? To learn more about Thailand’s legal system, I suggest he consult that great lobbyist Robert Armstrong. 
Isaan locals are great people who work hard, but handouts and populist policies will only get their votes, not improve their standard of living. The truth is that 90 per cent of land in the Northeast is in the hands of 10 per cent of the people, and politicians own 70 per cent of the land. Last month when the PDRC delivered letters to embassies to explain its standpoint, the American Embassy refused to have an official receive the letter and sent out a security guard instead. That clearly shows which side the Americans support. Thais are peace-loving, easygoing people. There will be no civil war – only clashes between a few fanatics and troublemakers. The PDRC has said that, if the other side brings out the guns, it will order protesters to go home.
Tony Lee