What is Western democracy?

your say May 11, 2014 00:00

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Almost daily, the US and EU tell Thailand to call "democratic elections". The populace echoes that call. if we take a step back and examine what Western Democracy really is, we may get a surprise. This is what I see.

The billionaire company owner who has 30,000 employees gets one vote. The retarded junior toilet cleaner gets one vote. Voting machines are designed to be hacked. (Diebald, US) Ballot boxes are stuffed with fake votes. (Most countries that don’t use electronic machines). Entire segments of districts or races are disenfranchised. (ie Florida). Dead names are put on rolls. When votes go the wrong way, the election is  redone, with entire populations threatened, (EU, Portugal and Ireland). Voters are paid which way to vote. Then to top it all, whoever gets into power does exactly as they please or are told to do. All elected members are open to ‘lobbyting’ (bribery) to pass whatever laws the lobbyists ask. Today we read the there are 30,000 lobbyists in Brussels!
What democracy seems to have done is to create infighting among supporters of opposing parties. Much time, money and energy is thus wasted, and even blood  spilt. Sometimes there are two parties with different manifestos, but with similar agendas. That maybe designed to let the people  believe they have  a democratic choice. 
In a few hundred years, when hopefully we  will ‘mature’, democracy will mean voting for whichever law is best suited for all. The appointed leaders will  be wise, experienced  technocrats, all experts in their particular field.
Thomas Turk