What does "Respect My Vote" really mean?

your say January 23, 2014 00:00

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The "Respect My Vote" campaigners seem to be saying that pro-reform movement is disregarding their democratic voice, expressed both in the last election and the one pending. By standing against reform-before-the-election, this group can be assumed to be s

The people of this group are thus:

• Happy with the state of the nation.

• Indifferent to the dysfunctional system that allows corrupt politicians to use their tax money and incur public debt to “buy” votes in order to win the election.

• Not caring of the fact that their own children or children’s children will have to live with the legacy of Thaksin and his allies, which will wreak havoc with the country’s finances for decades to come.

If this is the case, they have relinquished all their rights to complain about any of the country’s ills from now on.

Yes, their vote will definitely be respected. But they also have to live with the consequences of their vote.

It’s as simple as that.

Anan Pakvasa