West should negotiate with Thailand, not dictate

your say June 29, 2014 00:00

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There is perhaps another point of view when considering the current animosity from the West.

Like the old aristocratic and the more recent plutocratic amart, the USA and Europe find it to their advantage to deal with an undeveloped nation rather than a “wised-up” democracy.
Condescension is born of disrespect, an arrogant stance of false superiority. Once the NCPO achieves its goal in Thailand, with true and fair elections and the rule of law, all its antagonists will be forced to consider the country in a different light. They will be dealing with a developed country rather than one which they consider to be of Third World status.
Developed countries with enlightened people must be negotiated with not dictated to. This is not in the nature of either the USA or the EU, hence their preference for a “backward” Thailand. They could be in for a shock and they know it. 
Just one further point: There is a great deal of Chinese blood in Thailand and Southeast Asia. In their own interests, the West should not overlook this fact.
J C Wilcox