Washington's democracy hypocrisy

your say March 29, 2014 00:00

Re: "US talking to all sides in conflict: Kenney", Politics, March 26.

Though three years into her posting, US Ambassador Kristie Kenney sounded like she had just landed on Thai soil when she said she was unaware of protesters’ criticism that she and her government were biased in favour of the Thai government. The bias hasn’t slipped my attention thanks to my daily routine of a good cup of coffee (maybe a Starbung) and a read of the two English-language Thai newspapers! 
Now, with US spies exposed again – this time caught snooping inside China’s Huawei telecom giant, which Washington had claimed was spying on the West – we all understand that the US National Security Agency must be aware of absolute all electronic communication between Thaksin Shinawatra in Dubai and his sister Yingluck, the Pheu Thai Party, red-shirt leaders and police chiefs. How can she claim to be defending the democratic process while at the same time knowing that Thailand is being ruled from abroad by a fugitive from justice? And if the US knows all this and still backs the Yingluck government, is it any wonder that so many Thais say Washington is biased, a view reinforced by the fact that the Dubai fugitive had no problem getting a visa for the US?
Madam Ambassador, shouldn’t a criminal on the run have his passport revoked? And how come you let such an individual into your country, a wanted man who is instigating unrest in Thailand and disrupting the democratic process you claim to support?
I would also like to voice my opposition to your country’s industrial espionage in China (Huawei), in Brasil (Petrobras) and in Denmark, as revealed by an honest and honourable man by the name of Edward Snowden. This is ugly espionage sailing under the fake flag of the fight against terrorism! Is this a practice worthy of a proud democracy, as the US claims to be? And shouldn’t the world’s most powerful countries be acting as models of good democracy for others?
A North Country Man