Warring sides should lower their sights

your say January 11, 2014 00:00

While Thailand as a society is slowly ripping itself apart, this Children's Day offers a chance to pause and reflect about the next generation. How will the ongoing political conflict affect them?

What do the children want from us adults? In what kind of society will they be living in 20 years’ time? Are we serving as ideal role models?
Like sponges, children readily absorb things from adults by observing. Through observation, they see that powerful adults act with impunity. The sad reality is that right now, most of the messages they are receiving from adults are soaked in hatred. By design or chance, we adults are sowing the seeds of hate in the next generation.
Let’s leave the children out of the current conflict, realising that they are this country’s future. One way or another, we adults created this mess and are therefore responsible for ending it peacefully. The buck stops with us.
As social reformer Frederick Douglass noted, “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”.
Edward Kitlertsirivatana

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