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Wall Street Journal revises Thai history

Tuesday's Asian Wall Street Journal featured a very interesting article titled "Thailand's disloyal opposition".

If by the term "disloyal opposition" the unnamed author meant it is rebelling against the Shinawatra dynasty, he or she was correct. Why should there be loyalty to a convicted criminal on the run from justice? This same person has been accused of crimes against humanity with the extra-judicial murder of over 2,500 people in the so-called war on drugs.

The article also states that "a military coup in 2006 put the Democrats in charge". Again, this is incorrect. Before the Democrats were put in charge, the Thaksin-controlled People's Power Party was elected. This government was terminated for election fraud and buying votes, after which the Democrats held a majority in the House and thus took over. Thaksin was convicted of corruption in political office and sentenced to two years in jail while his puppet government was in power.

The article also claims that "the Army forced through a new constitution to hobble Thaksin". The new Constitution was approved by the citizens of Thailand, with every household sent a copy of the proposed constitutional changes months in advance of the vote.



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