Vegan diet's role in triumph over cancer

your say December 03, 2012 00:00

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I urge the readers to Google "McDougall success story jessica bowen breast cancer". Anyone who could view her video without being moved is not human.


Jessica tells how after being tortured for months with chemotherapy and having her breasts removed, her breast cancer had still spread throughout her body (stage 3). In desperation she tried Dr John McDougall’s vegan diet and went on his programme. Not only does she now feel tremendously better, but her latest scan showed she is cancer-free!
“Why didn’t anybody tell me about this?” Jessica asks. Why indeed!
As for my critics, they have made it perfectly clear that they care about nothing in life except satisfying their own gluttony. In my opinion such people are parasites. But I know most of the readers respect what I’m trying to do and I hope they will listen to Jessica’s testimony and then decide for themselves who they want to believe.
 More importantly, I hope this letter is published so that other women in the future can avoid pain and agony and won’t have to cry out: “Why didn’t anybody tell me about this?”
Eric Bahrt

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