Unrest will take a toll on the economy, and world

your say January 06, 2014 00:00

The continuing unrest will have adverse economic repercussions on the world. I hope the political unrest in Thailand will be resolved soon. Political unrest, as many know, reduces the flow and exchange of money from individuals to businesses and businesse

Thais are no different. They want true democracies, zero corruption and justice. No democracy is perfect but political unrest is not good for businesses and individuals wanting to make a living. 
I am not related to any political party in Thailand. I hope Thais will come together united. As many see it, if the yellow shirts were to shut Bangkok, the red shirts will come later to open it. If the yellows were to succeed in bringing down the present government, the red shirts will protest vehemently against the government that succeeds the current government. As all would predict, the red shirts will not accept a government that is not democratically elected. Thailand will not see peace if this cycle continues. There will be more needless deaths and violence if the cycle continues. This cycle must stop. 
A sure winner for Thailand will be for all to come together to talk about the reforms that will take Thailand toward a more prosperous and peaceful future.  There are strong disagreements on whether the political reforms should take place before or after the election. It looks like the cycle of violence will continue if there is no compromise.
I visited Thailand before and I like the country and people. Many are hurt in their wallets by current protests and several Thais had unfortunately passed away from recent clashes. The world is hoping that Thais from both sides will come together to have peaceful dialogues.