Underprivileged wish there were 'more to life'

your say July 31, 2014 00:00

Re: "There's more to life than drinking and smoking", Letters, July 25

EL Wout is the perfect example of what I was talking about: pretentious and completely devoid of any understanding of the human condition. He and his ilk create the dynamics that feed poverty and then stand back and make statements like, “Use your free time to develop yourself, read books, go to school, etc.” They blame poverty on laziness because it makes them feel superior. They have no understanding of what it is like to be poor. Most people living in poverty do not “break out” of the cycle because they have never been given the encouragement, motivation or knowledge of how to break out. You see, EL, their fathers were just as uneducated and unmotivated as they are. Additionally, it doesn’t help that they live in a society where it is made clear to them that certain aspirations in life are beyond your reach, such as political positions. That world beyond their own is just something they see on television. It’s simply entertainment to them. It is also not exactly motivating when they see are screaming rich brats, intrigue and scheming. 
So they smoke cigarettes, sing karaoke and drink white whiskey – not by choice but by birthright. And “the establishment” would take even that away from them. 
Change the laws in this country so that anyone can aspire to any position in life and make the opportunities clear to them and just maybe you might see a change. 
As for second-hand smoke, it is obvious that you are ignorant of the World Health Organis-ation’s findings on air pollution. Obviously it is possible to be educated yet still ignorant. 
John Arnone