Ukraine and Gaza are minefields for the naïve and gullible

your say August 09, 2014 01:00

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Re: "The incessant vilification of Russia and Putin", and "Who are the terrorists here", Letters, August 6.

I am vacationing in Thailand and receive a copy of The Nation each day. I read with interest two letters published on Wednesday and wonder if they were printed just to show how naive your readers are.
With regards to HHB’s defence of Putin and Russia in their support of pro-Russian rebels operating in eastern Ukraine: Does HHB really think that Putin was too distracted by the Sochi Olympics to pay attention to what was developing on his borders? Or is the reality that he and his buddies were too distracted plundering the Russian treasury and siphoning the proceeds to their Swiss bank accounts? You really must come up with a better excuse if anyone is to believe what you write.
With reference to Eric Bahrt’s reasoning on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summed it up eloquently last week when he said “The difference between the Jewish state and Hamas is that Israel protected its citizens with its missiles while Hamas protected its missiles with its people.” Exactly what part of “Never again” does Mr Bahrt and his friends not understand? The Jewish people will not allow a repeat of the Nazi Holocaust and will protect themselves from indiscriminate firing of missiles and/or terrorist activities designed to murder innocent people. Let’s not forget that the “Iron Dome” defence system protects all Israelis – Jewish, Christian and Muslim alike.
In peace: Shalom to all.
Sono Niss