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US role in helping to end apartheid was meagre

I got mixed feelings when I saw USA's man Obama in South Africa last weekend. Not the selfie situation, but the position the US had, got or took through the ceremonies. As a main speaker it made Obama look like the US was to thank for bringing down the apartheid system.

Obama should have been more humble and low-key, or got that role because the US has nothing to brag about when it comes to bringing down the racist system in South Africa.

Some years ago Mandela himself thanked three countries for the most important and longest support to bring down the racist regime, and the US was not among them, but two of US's enemies were, one already brought down and the other strangled for more than 50 years by the US, namely Libya and Cuba. World media didn't tell us nothing about their support to the ANC when they every day went through Mandela's life. Imagine if the US was the main supporter to bring down the ugly system what a glory bragging fairytale we would have got.

The third country Mandela thanked was Norway because of enduring support from the labour party and unions, a church organisation and an anti apartheid organisation. Former PM Jens Stoltenberg from the Norwegian Labour Party was among the 20 people who finally laid soil on Mandela's grave. Scandinavians could read of this in papers up north, but nothing was heard about the contributions of Libya and Cuba and their position during the ceremonies for Mandela. Sorry to see the world mainstream media never tells the truth but the story of the most powerful and the richest, like how Thailand is wrongly painted in the world's mainstream media.

The first country Mandela visited after he was elected president was Cuba and that tells more than the media are able to say.

A North country man

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