US remarks suggest an ignorance of realities here

your say June 02, 2014 00:00

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The US's criticisms of the coup are not only unjustified but also show a worrying ignorance about the political situation in Thailand.

I have always supported the US through thick and thin but the comments by Kerry have opened my eyes. Such an incredibly badly informed foreign secretary – in spite of the legion of people at the embassy gathering information about Thailand – is truly amazing. 
It makes you wonder about the US’ comments on other countries. Can we still trust the judgements by the US or are the Americans as blind to them as to Thailand?
To comment on someone else, one has to have the highest moral standards. One of the essential goods is freedom of expression.
In the US, Rice and Lagarde were not allowed to make a speech to the students at two universities. Gay marriages are still not allowed in, for example, the state of Montana. In some schools it is forbidden to teach Darwinism. 
Politics are influenced by donations by multi-billionaires to propagate their extreme views like the despicable Koch brothers. Secretaries have to pay more taxes than their billionaire bosses. 
Just to mention a few things and this country wants to accuse Thailand? Good heavens before you (unjustifiably!) accuse Thailand, take a look at yourself.