Two choices left for Yingluck

your say January 22, 2014 00:00

Re: "Is last-ditch compromise wishful thinking?", Letters, January 21.

This is an excellent analysis from Anan Pakvasa on why the end is not in sight. The crisis has been aggravated not only by a lack of sincerity from this government but also by ineffective, child-like threats from its ministers.
PM Yingluck’s only hope now is the February 2 election, which she thinks will bring peace back to Thailand. How naïve can she and/or her advisers be? Even with a landslide majority, she will not have enough MPs to convene Parliament and gain sanction as prime minister. More conflict will inevitably result.
Two possible events can be anticipated before February 2. First, the Army calls for the current Constitution to be scrapped and for the appointment of a council of wise men to come up with a new one within a month. Or, Yingluck could give in and postpone the election, resign from office and hand over government to civil servants on a caretaker basis. This would be a legally possible route to avert bloodshed. 
The first choice is too humiliating for her, her family and cronies and not good for Thailand. The second choice would salvage her respectability. 
Songdej Praditsmanont

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