Tough purge needed to establish democracy

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General Prayuth Chan-Ocha, faced with the stubborn, intransigent refusal by the remnants of the caretaker government to resign, had no option but to take control of the country. Thailand desperately needs strong decisive leadership.

Surely the first thing would be to insert a clause in the constitution whereby only those resident in the country and without a criminal record may have any influence over the country's affairs. Any proxy acting on behalf of one who does not thus qualify will be removed from office and charged. Any person receiving funding from a non-qualifying person will be in breach of the law and arrested.
The General now has the opportunity to reform the country. If he takes the tough stance required, Thailand could become a true democracy. He would need to arrest all those who have incited and who have threatened to use or have used military style weapons against the public. 
He would need to undertake a massive purge to prevent  Thailand ever again being a political laughing stock. The police force  must be reformed to be non-partisan, institutionally apolitical. The same must apply to the judiciary, particularly the DSI.
The current plutocracy which is based solely on money with disregard for the country must be eradicated and the electoral system must be open and fair. Local politics must be decentralized. In  short the whole infantile system must be cleaned up with nepotism outlawed.
The rice farmers must be paid and the mess left behind by the last government will have to be cleaned up.
Many coups have taken place since the adoption of a Constitutional Monarchy and the right to vote in 1932. Therein lays the root cause of all the upset and political muddling. The vote is considered by the majority of Thais to constitute democracy. The vote does not produce democracy (John Kerry, US Secretary of State). In Thailand it produced a totalitarian plutocratic kleptocracy of the worst kind.
A purge must take place to establish true democracy as the system of government. All those in positions of influence who were corruptly appointed must be removed from office. The corrupt plutocratic system has to be stamped out by law which must be enforced by a reformed police force.
Thais must be taught what is meant by democracy. The vote simply allows any person to achieve control of the country by devious means giving them licence to do just as they please. This is exactly what has happened because there is no established, clearly understood and respected democratic structure controlling the affairs of government and the country. Within such a democratic form of government, people will then be afforded the vote which will be a democratic vote.
J C Wilcox

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