Too late for a govt climb-down

your say April 10, 2014 00:00

Re: "Red shirts and protesters should be constructive", Letters, April 9.

Burin Kantabutra’s wish for both the government and the protesters to be less combative comes too late.

Who started this conflict? Was it not the government and its belief that a majority conferred unchallengeable power? That belief caused it to run roughshod over minority-party MPs and parliamentary checks and balances. The government went gung-ho for the return of that man in Dubai.

But instead of recognising its belief was mistaken, this government and its many laughable minions has gone on the attack, bullying its critics. If the PM had said sorry nicely at the beginning, the anti-government crowd would never have got so large, nor the mess come this far.

With that misstep, this government should have backtracked and amended its understanding of majority rule to correct its notion of parliamentary dictatorship. Allowing an interim premier is not unheard of elsewhere and has happened in many instances in Italy.

So be humble and take defeat like a man!

Songdej Praditsmanont