To Western media: It's a bit more complicated

your say May 14, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Forces in Bangkok need a deal with people in Isaan", Letters, May 12.

What does Isaan have to do with the current situation? The problem is kleptocracy (and its consequences), mainly practised by the Shinawatra family and its cronies. Unfortunately the Western media constantly hammer home the same lies about the situation, which Mr Nicholson repeats. The lies resemble red-shirt propaganda: Bangkok elite versus rural poor, monarchist Army versus democratically elected government, etc. The reality is that Thai people want reforms to keep the Shinawatras out of politics. Otherwise they’ll keep winning votes by bribing village chiefs, who have the power to control entire villages despite never having been elected. Mr Nicholson writes, “Bangkok simply must accept that Isaan is going to have a greater voice than ever before in the governance of the country, whether through the current populist regime or others besides the Shinawatra family.” This viewpoint has simply become unacceptable.
Clara Holzer