Time for new technology on planes?

your say March 30, 2014 00:00

Given the advances of technology in the past decade, it seems that the 'black box' is not the most desirable item to tell us what goes wrong on an airplane - at least not until its found!

CCTVs should be installed and the footage and data streamed live via satellite uplinks to be stored on a 
server on terra firma. Neither the pilots or crew should have any access to disable this system.
If some case like Malaysian Airlines MH370 comes up, at least the available footage would help take the mystery factor out. The video should 
be geo-tagged too. In case all systems are switched off or fail, the coordinates from the geo-tag could be of a great help.
The technology and the means are there, but who will take the lead?
The most painful goodbyes are the goodbyes that are never said.
Sukan Sethi

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