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your say May 21, 2014 00:00

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The fact that the main part of undemocratic government was finally removed by law is a sign that democracy is just starting to raise its head. While the law is active, though, the law enforcement is still inactive, slumbering away on Ratchaprasong, while

Democracy will be on its way once the police force enforces the law – law and its enforcement are at the very root of a democratic society.
Martial law is a step forward from continual coups d’etat, but democracy will remain elusive while domestic military intervention proves necessary. There is a history in Thailand of murderous armed forces crushing protests, but it must stop, and now. All playground bullies ultimately meet someone bigger and stronger. Being cowards by nature they always run away and shout from a distance.
Development allowed within the Constitution can now proceed, free from thuggish threats and yob behaviour. Reform must take place to allow Thailand to qualify as a democracy. Elections can then be held within a truly democratic system of government, free from electoral fraud and totalitarian rule. Meritocracy must replace nepotism and the law must be applied and enforced in a just manner, treating rich and poor equally. 
The partisan press must “think democracy” in the interests of the country as a whole. The media must take heed too, with partisan channels being closed – and not before time. Let us honour and respect His Majesty with a true democracy for the first time in his reign.
JC Wilcox