There's more to life than drinking and smoking

your say July 25, 2014 00:00

Re: "End of cheap liquor? Now that could cause a war", Letters, July 21

Yesterday’s article by Arnone is, as usual, not based on insight and is full of unjustified innuendos. In leading government positions, we need qualified people. 
In my local administration, peopled by persons with no qualification whatsoever and only chosen because they spend more money than their competitors, no vision, short-term-oriented and concentration on own profit is the norm. To ask for certain qualifications is no guarantee, but it gives a better chance for good governance.
Arnone asked what one could do with their free time other than drinking, smoking and karaoke. Simple, Arnone: Use your free time to develop yourself, read books, go to school etc. I don’t understand Arnone’s defending cheap white liquor. We all know this is a scourge. We should double the prices of white liquor, which would benefit the health of the nation. 
That ignorant farang have pushed the banning of smoking in Thailand is a joke. Responsible people all over the world realised the danger of smoking and inhaling second-hand smoke. 
These laws were introduced to reduce sicknesses related to smoking. 
Thailand just followed, this time, the sound example of other countries. Why Thailand nearly had a civil war has nothing to do whatsoever with the reasons mentioned by Arnone. 
I am astonished by this too ignorant letter.

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