There are reasons why this time things are better

your say July 24, 2014 00:00

Re: "Why not accept martial law as the status quo?", Letters, July 22

Somsak Pola must have been quite upset to misread my contention as he did. I abhor coups, but feel sympathetic toward this coup because it was unavoidable and the resulting military regime appears likely to be short-lived.
Anyone deserves to be blasted for advocating martial law and oligarchy as permanent features of government. Having tasted democracy in the UK and the US, I can assure Somsak that it was eerie and sickening during the regimes of Sarit Thanarat, Thanom Kittikajorn and Suchinda Kraprayoon to live without the democratic process. It was just as sickening during the Thaksin regime, and worse when Thaksin used the name of democracy and parliament to suppress the minority.
So far this junta appears promising in achieving its goal of bringing peace and effective reform to our land. History will forever be grateful to them if they leave politics when the job is done. Conversely, history will condemn them like their predecessors, including Thaksin, for eventually not respecting the rights of others. 
Songdej Praditsmanont