The world's staring at a looming disaster

your say July 25, 2014 00:00

Re: "Mekong delta will be partly submerged", Thailand/Region, July 21

Historically and currently the Mekong Delta has been “partially submerged”. The article waters down (pun intended) the real news. It mentions “.... assumed that the ocean would rise some centimetres”.” Uhmm ... how about 7 metres? That’s the conservative scientific estimate of how much the seas will rise by 2100 – if there’s just a 2 degrees rise in temperature during the interim years. I repeat: 7 metres is the low estimate. That’s also the entire middle of Thailand under year-round salt water ... and a lot more. 
If you talk to global warming deniers, they’ll say: “No problem. Nothing bad is going to happen because of 700 billion tonnes of people-generated pollutants added to the atmosphere annually.” Deniers will go on to say; “hey, I’m a middle-aged man, I’ve got my farang pension. If there’s flooding, so what, I can pack up and move to higher ground. Poor villagers in flooded areas, well ... but that’s not because of global warming and anyway, it’s not my problem.” 
About 700 billion tonnes is the estimate of people-generated pollutants – today, but that number is rising dramatically, as populations rise and countries like China continue to pollute on a large scale.
Kip Keino
Ban Nam Lat