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your say February 25, 2014 00:00

What does United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship stand for? "The ammart are trampling on democracy-loving people," Thida Tavornseth said.

Are these “democracy-loving people” the ones who had their amnesty turned down by the “ammart” or by Pheu Thai leadership in subservience to a dictator? Are “dlp” and/or poor rice farmers represented in Parliament? If so, why were there no protests there about lack of democracy, against corruption or lack of payments for rice there? By rejecting the agreement to an early election in 2010, was Jatuporn representing “dlp” or taking orders from an Ammart?
That Natthawut has the affront to suggest he represented poor people or farmers is outrageous. I believe he abstained from the amnesty bill not for their sake but that of his own hide.
Jatuporn said “If we, the red shirts, do not come out, this government and democratic rule will be completely brought down by March”.
Thida also said, “We have to review our strategy. We will have to fight with two main ‘legs’. The red shirts will form one leg and democracy-loving people the other”. It is honest of her that she separates the two.   
Richard Bowler

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