The tactical wisdom of a Yingluck resignation

your say January 11, 2014 00:00

Re: "The Shinawatras will not go down without a fight", Opinion, January 10.

Thanong Khanthong’s excellent list of negatives against those in power offers convincing evidence of their imminent fall. I share his conviction. 
The Pheu Thai administration’s demise began the day Yingluck spoke her mind for the first time in defending her brother at a seminar held in Mongolia last year. Before then, Madam Prime Minister had played such an aloof game that the opposition had no area to attack. But once underway, the attack reached a crescendo when her henchmen tried to trick a bill through Parliament so as to bring her brother back guilt-free. 
However, Thanong’s prediction of an ugly finale will only prove correct if Yingluck fails to yield power very soon. Her government’s days in power are numbered because, bloodshed or no bloodshed, its credibility is no longer retrievable. If her henchmen put the Shinawatras’ best interests above their own desire to prolong their hold on power, they will coax Yingluck to step down now and allow reform to go ahead before the election. After all, relying on their mantra of democracy as “one man, one vote”, they would definitely make a comeback after the reforms. Their popularity with the poor can never be erased by any Constitution.
Songdej Praditsmanont

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