The system is dysfunctional, and govt has lost legitimacy

your say February 02, 2014 00:00

An open letter to ministers still being guided by their conscience:

Political deadlock that has turned deadly with the aggression of the pro-Thaksin faction against unarmed PDRC protesters should give all of you pause to reflect on your duty to the country.
When you took the oath of office, you promised to serve the country to the best of your ability and in the best interests of the people. You also promised to value the national interest over the vested interest of any individual or political group.
Unfolding events make clear that the state apparatus is either ineffective or has turned a blind eye to violence being directed against peaceful and unarmed protestors.
As representatives of the people, you should all re-examine your role as public servants who have the duty to uphold and preserve the wellbeing of the people regardless of their political beliefs. Are you doing your job properly?
What the peaceful pro-reform movement is doing is protected by the Constitution. After all, there is no force as democratic as the force of an ideal. By not using the state apparatus to protect the people who have every right to demand reform before election if the current system has failed to live up to their aspirations, all of you have reneged on your promises.
It’s just a matter of time before the people will triumph over the dysfunctional system.
You can be either friends or enemies of the people. Hopefully, your conscience should guide you to resign from this government which has already lost its legitimacy.
The choice is yours.
Anan Pakvasa