The soul-destroying nature of Suthep's crusade

your say January 15, 2014 00:00

I was dismayed but not surprised when someone suggested the people should "arrest" the Army chief's twin daughters if a coup is staged.

This is an almost inevitable consequence of the PDRC’s implicit sanctioning (by not condemning) of Suthep’s “tactic” of doing pretty much the same thing to Yingluck.
If a large section of the community legitimises such dirty tricks by arguing that the ends justify the means, then society as a whole suffers and Thailand takes another step backward toward anarchy and barbarism! 
No one wants to feel unsafe in their own home, or have a mob of people surrounding it – but how much worse is it when your children are threatened too?
The very fact that Suthep has been praised by many of his more literate supporters for using menace against perceived enemies – including the PM and the “free” press – should have been enough for society as a whole to shout “foul”! 
The fact is, no one seems to be outraged about the menace, insinuations and immoral pressure directed at the PM. 
If “winning at any price” has become the mantra of the “good people”, then Suthep has already destroyed their conscience and degraded their morality!
Suthep has nothing to lose, but many of his followers have everything to lose – what can you gain that is worth your soul?
Pranorm Suko

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