The perils of prophecy

your say March 29, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Myanmar fortune-teller predicts an end to crisis", Politics, March 1.

The Nation reports that a famous Burmese astrologer, San Zarni Bo, prophesied that “the ongoing crisis in Thailand would end through negotiations that will start from March 3.  
“Between March 12 and March 27, the political processing, the speech on the table will be quite all right [sic],” he predicted.  ‘Then, on March 27, everything will be in good order again.’”
I’m writing this on March 27. The Nation has a front-page photo of anti-government protesters holding a march through the streets of Bangkok, the third this week, with “a massive march planned for Saturday”. Khun Suthichai notes (in “Thai Talk”) that the red shirts will start a march from Pattaya on April 5.
None of this sounds “quite all right” with everything “in good order” to me.
I wonder if San Zarni Bo can explain this.
Samut Prakan