The people's will was stolen by elected politicians

your say August 21, 2014 01:00

Re: "Don't expect any declaration of assets", Letters, August 20.

Your correspondent Somsak Pola spoke only half the truth when he said the NCPO came to power “against the people’s will”.
The fact is that most people – including a fairly large number of red-shirt supporters – agree that the May 22 coup halted the senseless killing of innocent people at or near anti-government rallies.
In contrast, the Yingluck government and the police force were ineffective and unmindful of the plight of protesters and bystanders.
Secondly, Somsak stooped low when he sarcastically accused me of mimicking the BBC in its often judgmental reporting of Thai democracy. In fact, all sensible Thais want their country to be democratic.
However, the politicians who won the last general election tried to change it into a kleptocratic plutocracy. Their behaviour while in power contradicted democratic principles.
Coup-makers with sincere aims for reform are a better option.
Vint Chavala