The past revisited

your say January 08, 2014 00:00

Re: "Tanks are out for kids, not coup: Army", National, January 7.

This appeared to be true in 2006.
In the movies there are villains, there are heroes, there are the police, there is a judicial system, there is a motive for the crime and the villains get sent down. Happy ending.
 In 2006 there was chaos in the streets of Bangkok brought about by corruption in government and in the snap election. The acting prime minister had fled the country with enough funds abroad for a long stay. The military intervened by staging a coup which is generally acknowledged to be a crime. There was no retribution via the judicial system and a general acceptance that it had been a bad thing for a just cause. There is an abundance of evidence in the public domain that the accusation by the military was justified. However, the military government set up organisations to counter corruption which resulted in thousands of investigations but few villains sent down.
In 2012 the villains regrouped and passed bills to wipe clean the slate for past crimes – bills which have been found unlawful by the court, but no action has been taken against the offenders.
Instead, an open invitation to form the next government is being processed without any opposition candidates. A one-eyed man in the land of the blind is being hounded by the judicial system in peril of his life for attempting a people’s coup. How will they make a movie of this?
The military is ambivalent about a coup this time around. Is there any evidence that corruption was the reason in 2006?
Richard Bowler