The oily truth behind US diplomacy

your say July 11, 2014 00:00

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Re: "America did what it had to", Letters, July 9.

In response to Eric Bahrt’s letter, America doesn’t live on a two-way street, it lives on a traffic circle with at least 10 connecting streets and it always takes the street that has the oil on it. 
How you can suggest that America is following the unwritten rule of law by criticising Thailand for not having an election to change governments, when it embraces Saudi Arabia, which wouldn’t know what an election was if it walked up and whacked it on the head?
Sorry Eric, but America’s foreign policy is based on whatever it currently needs, not on any “democracy stance”. As the Vietnam War is over and America no longer needs Thai air bases, all that is left is Nana Plaza. And my best guess is that Michele Obama, like most American women, won’t let her husband and his buddies visit. 
John Arnone