The incessant vilification of Russia and Putin

your say August 06, 2014 01:00

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Does the international community and its citizens not realise that they are being lied to and manipulated by a hidden hand?

Look at a map of the USSR and Russia since 1990 and ask yourself who is the encroacher and the subversive power behind it. America has spent US$5 billion in the last few years to undermine, subvert and finally overthrow a democratically elected government in Ukraine. Victoria Nuland, US under-secretary of state, has openly admitted to this very fact.
Who was the instigator of discord that paved the way to and bloody revolution in which sharpshooters paid and directed by the hidden hand created atrocious scenes of bloodletting on both sides?
Putin was too busy overseeing a memorable and inspiring winter Olympics to take action.
Now Russia or the Russians of Eastern Ukraine are being accused of having shot down MH17. Is there any rational reason for either to undertake such a horrible, dehumanising and cowardly act? I dare say, absolutely not. 
German aviation experts are pointing to holes in the fuselage around the cockpit as evidence the airliner was shot down by fighter jets armed with 30mm cannon. And instead of having the black boxes examined by neutral experts, they are with the British – whose reputation for impartiality is somewhat tarnished.
Two previous incidents come to mind: In 1973 the Israelis shot down Flight 114, a Libyan passenger plane, killing 113 passengers and crew. In 1988 the Americans shot down Flight 655, an Iranian airliner, killing 290, including 66 children. No apology was offered in either case. 
So much for ethics, morality and honesty.