The hypocrisy of the US position on Thailand is what rankles

your say July 14, 2014 00:00

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As an American, I must take issue with Eric Bahrt's statement that "America is required by law to not support any country which comes to power as a result of a military coup".

That is technically true, if one inserts “government” for “country” in his quote. However, and this is the vital point, the United States chooses what and what is not a military coup based on its own geopolitical whims. 
Thailand’s bloodless coup is condemned. Egypt’s violent, bloody coup of a year ago – overthrowing a government whose election America supported – is simply not categorised as a military coup, or a coup of any kind, and American aid continues to flow. 
So, the standard is applied inequitably and only at moments when it is deemed to be in America’s interests. It is not the meddling that troubles so many in Thailand, as it is the transparent hypocrisy and inconsistency that frustrates them.
James Thomas