The dictators among us

your say June 05, 2014 00:00

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While I have taken no position on the coup, I am upset by the letter-writers who attack anyone who questions the wisdom of it.

If the military leaders want to be seen as benevolent people who intend to restore democracy, then their cause is not being helped by letter-writer JC Wilcox, who wants total censorship and zero tolerance of anyone who disagrees with him.
Another letter-writer, Vint Chavala, writes that he is “fuming” at foreigners who meddle in Thai affairs. Yet he praises Mr Wilcox, who not only believes he has the right to tell Thais which television news programmes they can and can’t watch but also under what circumstances they should be allowed to vote.
If the coup turns out to have been a good thing, will it really matter if President Obama or Jonathan Head didn’t approve of it? Will a little tolerance really destroy this beautiful country, which these letter-writers claim to love so much?
Eric Bahrt 

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