The dark hand of Washington

your say January 18, 2014 00:00

Re: "New forum on postponing the election is too little, too late", Opinion, January 16.

Judging by local and international press coverage it is obvious that the US government is putting pressure on the Yingluck government and the Thai military for the February 2 poll to go ahead. This is on the pretext of pursuing electoral democracy. However, beneath that façade, the truth is Washington stands a better chance of clinching its deal for a military base and enjoying more favourable trade pacts (including the development of offshore gas fields) with the Yingluck government in place. This would be at the expense of the Thai people.
We should recognise the importance of our Constitution in its   explicit statement that agreements with foreign countries must be conducted with full transparency, through Parliament and in full public view – with a referendum if required.
Prapa Smutkojon

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