The celebrity culture of fantasy

your say June 08, 2014 00:00

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During WW11, had Winston Churchill divulged all the facts of which he was aware of the many theatres of war, national morale could have slumped.

He was economical with the truth, for while he could cope with it, there were millions who would have panicked. There used to be censorship on films restricting viewing to adults to prevent children being influenced by violence. In this ‘advanced’ world, the fantasy of video games has become reality and incites murderous violence.
The human mind thrives on fantasy. Immersed in the celebrity culture controlled by the media, the world falls prey to carefully contrived propaganda and stories. Harry Potter made its author a billionaire. There are few children’s bedroom walls adorned with a picture of Darwin, Einstein, Abraham Lincoln or the writings of Rudyard Kippling: they are smothered with Wayne Rooney, Justin Beiber and, even still now, of Chez Guavara. Criticism of this renders the critic a ‘miserable old git’, a cynic.
The NCPO is well aware of the gullibility of people and their vulnerability to being influenced by contrived stories which can incite. The media too are well aware of this and media freedom is one reason why the NCPO are in power now as a result of media influence. Cheap propaganda and indoctrinating information must be controlled in the interest of peace and order and to protect people from themselves.
Genuine factual information is suffering because, not only is it unpalatable, but the NCPO cannot edit out all that is counter-productive to maintaining peace and order: hence the blanket censorship. Were the foreign media to understand the situation and publish the truth, it would not have been closed down. There is a wide difference between objective, informed truth and downright lies born of ignorance in the interests of commercial sensationalism and/or vested interest. Robert Amsterdam is aware of that too.
JC Wilcox