The EU embraces dictators yet has the nerve to threaten Thailand

your say June 23, 2014 00:00

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The EU is threatening to punish Thailand for not returning urgently to the sham Western democracy model.

We know that model to be open to fraudulent practices, those designed to “elect” a proxy for whoever wishes to control a state from outside.
Yet, the EU is negotiating a free trade agreement with the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. None of them have a Western democracy, and brutally put down any attempt by citizens to ask for fair representation. 
Would the EU high representative to Thailand please explain why the EU threatens and warns Thailand yet dictators are embraced? 
Militarily, leading European weapons exporters, especially France, view arms sales as economic considerations, whatever foreign policy may be. Thus, despite Arab uprisings, European and GCC countries have increased their military and diplomatic cooperation. In October 2012, the UK signed a defence cooperation agreement with Bahrain. 
The race to sell arms is at its height, with PM David Cameron recently attempting to facilitate the sale of 100 Typhoon fighters to Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, while Paris lobbies to provide the UAE with Rafale fighter jets. 
Stand firm, junta, and see through these Western power plays.
Thomas Turk