Thaksin's remote control is broken

your say March 16, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Thaksin's political predictions from Beijing", Politics, March 14.

I have two observations on Thaksin Shinawatra’s latest political comments:
First, Thaksin’s claim that the international community sees the Yingluck government as behaving correctly might be totally wrong.
The UN and the US, which initially have shown interest in liaising between the pro and anti-Thaksin groups, seem to have backed down already. It follows the brutal killings of 20 peaceful anti-government protesters that included a number of small children. One child, a five-year-old girl, was shot through the head and died instantly. No suspects have been apprehended.
Second, Thaksin’s gripe over his sister rejecting his choice of advisers and aides also shows he does not believe in his sister’s capability as a national leader. It also means he is still in total control of the Thai government.
This practice is undemocratic as well as in breach of Thailand’s constitution.
It also shows Thaksin is merely using “democracy” and “elections” as a means to his personal end.
Vint Chavala