Thaksin rewrote the rules

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Re: "Thaksin caused the crisis? Don't kid yourself", Letters, February 15.

Somsak Pola claims that it is the power struggle among politicians, not Thaksin, that caused Thailand’s crisis. That’s absolutely not true.
If the majority of politicians respected the Constitution and the rules of law, Thailand would not have been in crisis.
But the Yingluck government and the Pheu Thai Party have been running against every rule. That is why the system is stuck.
And considering the fact that Thaksin is not only de facto leader of the ruling Pheu Thai, but its sole owner, the blame lies squarely with him. Thaksin’s status as de facto head of Pheu Thai is also undemocratic.
Democracy should work like a pendulum: When it swings to one extreme, it must swing back in the opposite direction.
If Thaksin was smart, he should have faked defeat in elections and in parliament – so that the system could survive and he could win in the long run.
As it is, Thaksin is losing the game of democracy, and all because of his avarice and unbridled ambition.
Vint Chavala

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