Thaksin is history, so stop obsessing about him

your say August 08, 2014 01:00

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Re: "Thaksin could learn a lot from Hun Sen", Letters, August 7.

I’m concerned about correspondent Vint Chavala’s obsession with Thaksin and his family. Obsession with something or someone is unhealthy. Let’s hope he doesn’t possess a square-faced voodoo doll with needles stuck in it.
Apparently he can’t let a nanosecond zip by without displaying malevolence towards Thaksin, Yingluck and other Shinawatras. He should try taking up some activities – golf or crochet or weaving baskets, anything to keep his mind free of Thaksin.
There’s more to life than Thaksin and Yingluck. Both are history. Vint should focus on the well-balanced National Assembly and the new constitution. Will it be the longest and wordiest charter in the world? How long will it last before the next coup?
Somsak Pola
Samut Prakan