Thaksin hasn't done with Thailand yet

your say August 09, 2014 01:00

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Re: "Thaksin is history, so stop obsessing about him", Letters, August 8.

Somsak Pola’s suggestion that I give up my “obsession” with Thaksin Shinawatra is laughable.
The fact is this: If Thaksin declares today that he will quit messing with politics, I and other responsible Thais will stop talking about him – for lack of time and the reason to do so.
Somsak was wrong in saying Thaksin is now history as far as Thailand is concerned.
The truth is the opposite. In a message to his youngest daughter recently, Thaksin sent a clear signal that he is waiting for a chance to spring back into action as soon as the opportunity arises.
I am simply telling the truth about Thaksin and his people. And I have not yet finished half of what I have to say about these folks.
Finally, I want Thaksin and his cronies to realise that they owe the country of their birth, the very country that gave them the opportunity to live the good life they enjoy today, a lot of gratitude – not the other way around.
Vint Chavala