Thaksin has lost his support base

your say February 21, 2014 00:00

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Thaksin Shinawatra and his Pheu Thai Party have painted themselves into a corner.

First they breached the Constitution three times by passing bills that were deemed unconstitutional. But even worse was the Yingluck government and Pheu Thai’s refusal to accept the Constitutional Court’s ruling against their amnesty bill that was also aimed at pardoning Thaksin of his previous crimes. A court verdict on this case is pending.
Second, Thaksin and his cronies have always looked down on the opposition Democrat Party and other critics of Pheu Thai. They like to say that the Democrats are foolish and that such critics are dim-witted. Now, they are left with absolutely no sympathisers or supporters among literate Thais – except for the hardcore and troublesome red-shirt rabble-rousers.
Third, the Yingluck government under Thaksin’s control has been too complacent and secretive about its corruption-plagued rice scheme: And so they failed to honour their promise to pay for rice they bought from a million farming families.
The amount of the debt has reached Bt130 billion. There have been 11 suicides among farmers across the country already. More suicides are expected if farmers are not paid money owed soon.
Hence, a large chunk those farmers who once constituted a major support base for Thaksin have become his bitterest enemies.
Vint Chavala