Thaksin blew it when he could have had it all

your say May 16, 2014 00:00

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Re: "PDRC myths versus truth of B30 healthcare scheme", Letters, May 15.

Robin Grant’s view is admittedly difficult to refute, but it lacks balance because of its tendency to colour-code people into polar opposites.
First, no one can deny Thaksin’s contribution towards improving the health and wealth of the poor. You only need to talk to Isaan folks to understand how much they appreciated Thaksin’s intervention. The political old guard should have kicked itself for its previous shortcomings. However, Thaksin’s unique achievement did not give him the right to be above the law or to perpetrate authoritarian rule and widespread cronyism.
Second, accusations that he behaved badly are not motivated by “sour grapes” but came because Thaksin underestimated the tolerance level of others. That level was smashed when he decided to go for broke in October 2013. If he had shown respect for others and had not introduced that amnesty bill, his sister would still be prime minister and Suthep would not be a celebrity. Our economy could have been prosperous – the envy of our neighbours – despite his bad habits. 
But thanks to his amnesty bill, we are now the sick man of Asean!
Songdej Praditsmanont