Thailand's wolf in sheep's clothing

your say May 21, 2014 00:00

Re:" Post-Cold War: emergence of tri-polar paradigm", Regional, May 19

Please let me, yet one more time, try to put the post-Cold War into perspective: The huge US debt has a stranglehold on US foreign policy and the current, pencil-thin US economic pseudo-recovery has Washington’s policymakers shivering in their overpriced shoes. That and that alone drives US foreign policy today.
The red shirts and other supporters of the current Thai government must take note of this before it is too late: If debt can emasculate the US in that way then it can surely devastate Thailand nine-fold. 
I love Thaksin supporters and have lived in Isaan for 14 years, at times for years in isolated Northeast villages. My heart is truly with the people of the North and Northeast, but they have ill-informed and immature ideas about national debt and what it can do to a country, especially one like Thailand at this particular time in history, when everyone else is truly broke worldwide.
In some ways I admire former premier Thaksin, crafty as he is, but he has nothing to lose if Thailand were to be wracked by debt, whereas his supporters have everything to lose.
Please, red shirts, get educated on this matter, because, right now, it is the only thing that really matters. Debt is your real enemy and currently debt is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Guy Baker