Thailand's super-rich are world's most selfish

your say April 19, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Thailand's selfish super-rich", Editorial, April 17.

Thailand’s wealthiest tycoons are not only the greediest but also possibly the most selfish bunch of people in the world.
They contrast sharply with wealthy individuals in the West, who have learned to be philanthropic and to care for the poor and the desperate.
Thailand’s super-rich take a lot from their country, but give back very little.
Thai agri-business tycoons make a Bt10-billion profit from shrimp exports, all the while causing as much as Bt1 trillion in ecological damage to their country.
Of course, when these tycoons do decide to give back to society, they make sure their “sacrifice” gets enough publicity to make headline news.
Vint Chavala