Thailand seems to be heading in the wrong direction job-wise

your say October 08, 2012 00:00

Ref: "Jobs a cornerstone of development, says World Bank report", Opinion, October 6.


This World Bank report is right in saying that developing countries like Thailand – where farming and self-employment are prevalent and safety nets are modest and unemployment rates may be low but the poor may have to work long hours to make ends meet – must look to improve the quality, and not just the number, of jobs.
However, my opinion is that Thailand is going in the opposite direction because of this “populist” Yingluck government.
Job quality in Thailand is virtually non-existent even at the top echelons of Thai polity. A topmost job at one of Thailand’s major political parties is being heavily contested, and the contestants know full well the job they are to fill is to be somebody’s “useful idiot”.
Vint Chavala